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About US Army Reserves

The United States Army Reserve is a branch of the U.S. Army that is composed of part-time soldiers who serve both their country and their civilian careers. Established in 1908, the Army Reserve serves as a backup force, providing relief and reinforcements to other U.S. Army units during times of war or natural disasters. Currently, the Army Reserve has around 198,000 soldiers, with over 1,200 units located throughout the United States. The Army Reserve is unique in that it provides service opportunities to both men and women, regardless of civilian occupation or educational background. Soldiers can participate in a wide range of training opportunities, including specialized military schools, leadership development programs, and practical field exercises. As part-time military service members, Army Reserve soldiers typically commit to serving one weekend a month and two weeks out of the year. However, the Army Reserve may also call upon its soldiers for longer periods of active duty in times of national emergency or global conflict. The Army Reserve is a valuable asset to the U.S. Army, providing critical support and augmentation during times of need. With a history of service dating back over a century, the Army Reserve continues to play a vital role in defending the nation and its interests both at home and abroad.

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