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About US Coast Guard Auxiliary

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is a volunteer, non-military organization that provides support to the United States Coast Guard. Established in 1939, the Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed auxiliary of the United States Coast Guard and operates globally. The Coast Guard Auxiliary supports the Coast Guard in various areas, including safety patrols, search and rescue, maritime security, environmental protection, and public education. The organization is composed of over 30,000 members who provide assistance to the Coast Guard and promote boating safety. The Coast Guard Auxiliary’s operations are organized at the national level, with each state and territory having its own division. The organization’s senior leaders are elected by its members during its biennial National Meeting. To join the Coast Guard Auxiliary, an applicant must be at least 17 years old and a U.S. citizen. Members receive training and become qualified in various areas, from boat operations to radio communications. The Coast Guard Auxiliary plays a vital role in supporting the United States Coast Guard, and its volunteer members donate millions of hours of service each year to ensure the safety and security of the nation’s waterways.

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