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Communispace is a market research company that specializes in creating customer advisory panels for various businesses. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It operates under the parent company, C Space, which was formerly known as Communispace Corporation. Communispace’s primary service is building online communities of targeted consumers or business professionals for market research purposes. These communities are meant to provide businesses with a platform to engage with their customers and gain insights into their needs and preferences. The company offers various types of research services, such as concept testing, product development research, and advertising testing. It has worked with a broad range of clients from different industries, including healthcare, financial services, and consumer packaged goods. In 2011, Communispace was acquired by Diversified Agency Services, a division of Omnicom Group, and became a part of the Omnicom DAS network of marketing services companies. In 2017, the company changed its name to C Space, to better reflect its broad range of services outside of community building. Today, the company continues to provide market research services to businesses of all sizes, helping them understand their customers and develop products and services that cater to their needs.

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