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About Uber

Uber Technologies Inc. is an American technology company that operates in the transportation industry. Founded in 2009 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, the company is best known for its ride-hailing platform, connecting users who require transportation with drivers through its smartphone application. Operating on a global scale, Uber offers a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional taxi services. Users can request rides in over 900 metropolitan areas worldwide, facilitating transportation in a seamless and user-friendly manner. Uber’s platform provides a range of services tailored to different user needs. UberX is the most common service, offering rides in everyday vehicles for individuals and small groups. UberXL provides larger vehicles for groups of up to six passengers, while UberSelect and UberBlack offer premium rides in luxury vehicles. UberPool allows users to share rides with others traveling in the same direction, reducing costs and congestion. The company’s success can be attributed to its effective use of smartphone technology and a feedback-driven rating system, which ensures a reliable and safe experience for both passengers and drivers. Additionally, Uber offers drivers the ability to work on a flexible schedule, using their own vehicles to generate income. Despite numerous legal and regulatory challenges in various regions, Uber has gained significant popularity globally, disrupting the traditional taxi industry with its innovative approach to transportation. As it continues to expand its services and offer new initiatives such as food delivery and self-driving vehicles, Uber stands as a prominent player in redefining urban mobility.

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Truv allows you to complete employee, employment and income verifications faster. The process is simple and automated, and most employees are verified within 24 hours. Verifiers love Truv because it’s never been easier and more streamlined to verify an employee, learn more here.

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