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About BFI Waste Services

BFI Waste Services is a waste management company based in the United States. It was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. BFI Waste Services operates as a subsidiary of Republic Services, one of the largest waste management companies in North America. With over 50 years of experience, BFI Waste Services offers a comprehensive range of waste collection, disposal, and recycling solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The company has a vast fleet of collection vehicles and operates numerous transfer stations, landfills, and recycling facilities across the country. BFI Waste Services prides itself on its commitment to environmental sustainability. It diligently works towards minimizing the impact of waste through innovative technologies and practices. It offers recycling programs for a wide variety of materials, including paper, plastics, metal, glass, and electronic waste. Additionally, the company provides specialized services for hazardous and medical waste disposal, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations. BFI Waste Services prioritizes the safety of its employees, customers, and the communities it serves. It implements rigorous safety protocols and training programs to ensure accident prevention and proper handling of waste materials. As part of Republic Services, BFI Waste Services benefits from the parent company’s extensive resources, expertise, and network. This enables BFI Waste Services to deliver efficient waste management solutions while maintaining high standards of service and customer satisfaction. In summary, BFI Waste Services is a leading waste management company known for its extensive experience, comprehensive range of services, commitment to environmental sustainability, and focus on safety.

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