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The U.S. National Central Bureau (USNCB) Interpol is an integral branch of the International Criminal Police Organization, better known as Interpol. As a part of the U.S. Department of Justice, the USNCB Interpol serves as the primary liaison between the United States and Interpol for matters related to international law enforcement cooperation. The primary objective of the USNCB Interpol is to facilitate collaboration and information-sharing among law enforcement agencies around the world, aiming to combat transnational crime, terrorism, and other threats to global security. It acts as a central hub for exchanging operational information, intelligence, and investigative support with various national law enforcement agencies and Interpol member countries. The USNCB Interpol plays a vital role in the dissemination of global alerts, known as Interpol notices, which provide law enforcement agencies worldwide with critical information about wanted persons, missing individuals, stolen items, and other criminal activities. It coordinates with domestic agencies to assist in the execution of arrests and extradition requests for wanted fugitives. Moreover, the USNCB Interpol facilitates access to Interpol’s extensive criminal databases and tools, enabling U.S. law enforcement agencies to conduct international checks and identify potential threats. It also offers training and guidance to domestic agencies on utilizing Interpol’s resources effectively. Operating in compliance with Interpol’s rules and regulations, the USNCB Interpol upholds strict adherence to human rights, due process, and the principles of international law. By promoting and strengthening international law enforcement cooperation, the USNCB Interpol contributes to maintaining global security and the prevention of cross-border crime.

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