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The Connecticut Department of Correction (CT DOC) is a government agency responsible for the operation and management of the correctional facilities in the state of Connecticut, United States. Established in 1968, the CT DOC operates under the authority of the Connecticut General Statutes. The primary mission of the Connecticut Department of Correction is to enhance public safety through the safe, secure, and humane supervision of individuals in its custody. The agency oversees a system of adult and juvenile correctional institutions, community-based facilities, and alternative programming. It employs a dedicated workforce of correctional officers, administrative staff, and various professionals to carry out its mandate effectively. The Connecticut Department of Correction strives to maintain a rehabilitative approach to corrections while ensuring the safety and security of the public and staff. It provides educational and vocational programs, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, and various counseling and support services to help individuals reintegrate into society after their incarceration. Additionally, the CT DOC closely collaborates with other agencies, organizations, and community partners to offer a comprehensive continuum of care and support for offenders during their confinement and reentry process. It also works in conjunction with the judiciary, probation and parole, and law enforcement agencies to ensure a coordinated criminal justice system. In summary, the Connecticut Department of Correction serves as a pivotal institution in administering custodial and rehabilitative services, contributing to a safer and more secure community in the state of Connecticut.

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