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Almac Diagnostics is a leading precision medicine company specializing in biomarker discovery, development, and commercialization. Established in 2002, it operates as a subsidiary of Almac Group, a global pharmaceutical development and clinical trial services organization. The company focuses on advancing personalized medicine through the identification and validation of novel biomarkers for various diseases, including cancer and other complex ailments. Almac Diagnostics’s scientific expertise covers a wide range of molecular techniques and technologies, enabling the discovery and measurement of biomarkers with high accuracy and precision. Almac Diagnostics works closely with academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and clinical trial networks to provide biomarker solutions that enhance the understanding of disease biology, aid in patient stratification, and facilitate the development of targeted therapies. With a robust portfolio of proprietary technologies and a vast biobank, the company offers comprehensive services for biomarker discovery, validation, and delivery of diagnostic assays. Additionally, Almac Diagnostics offers a wide range of laboratory services, including next-generation sequencing, gene expression profiling, genotyping, and immunohistochemistry. These services support both pre-clinical and clinical research, enabling researchers and physicians to gain insights into disease pathways, predict patient outcomes, and optimize treatment strategies. Operating globally, Almac Diagnostics has established strong collaborations across the scientific and medical communities. The company continues to drive innovation and contribute to the advancement of personalized medicine through its commitment to precision diagnostics and biomarker-based strategies.

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