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Alliander is a Dutch network company that is primarily involved in the distribution of electricity and gas. Established in 2009, it operates as a holding company for various subsidiaries engaged in the energy sector. The company’s mission is to ensure the reliable and safe delivery of energy to millions of customers in the Netherlands. Alliander manages a vast network infrastructure that encompasses over three million connections, including electricity and gas grids. The company is responsible for the maintenance, development, and innovation of these networks to meet the evolving energy demands of its customers. A key aspect of Alliander’s operations is its focus on sustainability and the energy transition. It aims to facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources and actively contributes to achieving the Dutch government’s energy objectives. By innovating and deploying smart grid solutions, Alliander optimizes energy distribution, enhances grid stability, and reduces environmental impact. Furthermore, Alliander fosters collaborations with other stakeholders, such as municipalities, regulators, and market players, to enhance the efficiency and resilience of the energy infrastructure. The company also engages in research and development projects to explore new technologies and solutions for a more sustainable and reliable energy system. As a regulated entity, Alliander operates within the framework set by the Dutch government and regulatory bodies. The company is committed to open and transparent communication, regularly publishing reports and engaging in dialogue with its stakeholders. With a workforce of around 7,000 employees, Alliander strives to maintain its position as a trusted and modern energy infrastructure company that supports the energy transition while delivering excellent service to its customers.

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