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The State of New Jersey is a state government institution located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It is one of the fifty states that make up the country and is bordered by New York to the north, Delaware Bay to the south and east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. With a population of approximately 9 million residents, it is the 11th most populous state in the nation. Established in 1787 and admitted to the Union in 1789, New Jersey is governed by a bicameral legislature, consisting of the General Assembly and the Senate. The state’s executive branch is headed by the Governor, who is elected by the public and serves as the head of government. New Jersey’s economy is diverse and has historically been known for its significant contributions to the industrial sector. Today, the state’s economy is characterized by strong sectors such as pharmaceuticals, finance, telecommunications, and transportation. Notably, it is home to the headquarters of numerous national and international corporations. The state is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, reflected in its landmarks, museums, and performing arts centers. Notable attractions include the Liberty State Park, the Jersey Shore, and the vibrant city of Atlantic City, known for its casinos and entertainment options. With its strategic location, bustling economy, and cultural attractions, the State of New Jersey continues to be an important player in the United States’ political, economic, and cultural landscape.

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