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About NewPage Holdings

NewPage Holdings is a leading American company engaged in the production and distribution of paper and pulp products. Headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio, the company operates several paper mills and related facilities across the United States and in other international locations. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, NewPage Holdings focuses on delivering high-quality products while minimizing its environmental impact. Established in 2005, NewPage Holdings quickly became a major player in the paper industry, serving a broad customer base that includes publishers, commercial printers, and paper merchants. The company operates a diverse range of paper machines, enabling it to produce a wide array of papers for various applications, such as printing and writing, specialty and packaging, as well as pulp. NewPage Holdings is known for its extensive product portfolio, which includes renowned brands like Domtar and Hammermill. Committed to sustainable business practices, NewPage Holdings places a strong emphasis on responsible sourcing of fiber, waste reduction, and energy efficiency. The company actively participates in programs and initiatives aimed at preserving forest ecosystems and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. NewPage Holdings has consistently invested in research and development to meet evolving market demands and stay at the forefront of innovation. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement has contributed to its reputation as a reliable supplier in the paper industry. As of [Year], NewPage Holdings has employed approximately [Number] individuals globally, furthering its positive impact on local economies. Despite the challenges faced by the paper industry in recent years, NewPage Holdings strives to adapt to market changes, ensuring its longevity and continued success in the competitive paper and pulp sector.

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