Product Update: February 2023

Truv’s product team has been hard at work delivering new features in the month of February. We are continuing our mission to empower organizations with access to every consumer-permissioned financial data source available by launching new products, increasing data quality, creating a better customer experience, and many more exciting updates!

New Products on Truv’s Consumer-Permissioned Data Platform

Bank Transaction Data Aggregation

Truv is expanding income verification coverage to include bank transaction data. The end result being more funded loans for our customers. Stay tuned for more details on this product release coming in March!

Truv Bridge Updates

Multi-Factor Authentication Enhancements

Truv remains focused on optimizing conversion rate to enhance the end-user experience and help provide our customers with a superior product. With this in mind, we released new multi-factor authentication options that empowers applicants with more options to complete MFA requirements.

For top payroll providers, applicants can now choose to receive either a phone call or text message to complete the MFA requirements. Additionally, applicants are able to request another call or change the device that the passcode is sent to to provide greater optionality to complete the connection.

View MFA Updates in Truv’s Emulator

Data Quality & Integrations

New provider added with Infor Lawson

Integrations are the core of Truv’s business and furthers the needs of lenders to drive increased coverage through Truv’s platform. To that end, we’ve added a net new provider to the supported payroll integrations – Infor Lawson. 

New integrated added for Social Security Administration with

To drive increased conversion, the Truv team is focused on understanding data sources outside of traditional payroll data that expand our reach. To this end, we launched an integration to verify income associated with Social Security Administration. Applicants can now quickly and easily verify any applicable social security income.

Apple ID Integration for Uber

The gig economy is rapidly expanding, and Truv has market-leading coverage to verify income and employment for gig platforms.

To increase conversion rate, the Truv team launched a new single sign on integration with Apple ID for Uber drivers. This enables applicants who receive income through driving for Uber to quickly authenticate through the Truv Bridge with their Apple ID and consequently drive greater end-to-end conversion rates for our customers.

Improved Integrations and Better Data Quality

Truv remains relentlessly focused on data quality, because strong data quality and fill rates allows our customers to truly underwrite with confidence. With majority of Truv’s integrations being API-based, we lead the industry with strong data quality.

To this end, we have significantly improved pull-through rates for all employers that use the following payroll providers: Paylocity, Oracle Peoplesoft, Oracle HCM, SAP Success Factors, Ceridian, UPS, Amazon A-Z, and Rippling. 

Improved Fill Rates for Income Fields and Pay Frequency

For all of Truv’s payroll integrations, we significantly improved fill rates for all income fields, pay frequency, and start date. These improvements will empower our customers to ensure that they are returning data that is usable and able to drive informed underwriting decisions when an applicant successfully authenticates to their payroll provider.

Truv Dashboard & Documentation Updates

Branding Templates and Advanced Customizations

Here at Truv, we keep diligent track of any enhancement requests from our customers to make sure we’re building a product that solves real business needs. One of those requests has been to empower our customers to create their own customization templates, and we’re happy to announce that this enhancement is officially live in Truv’s developer dashboard and documentation.

Our customers are able to customize the branding and language of the Truv Bridge, landing pages, emails, and text messages all within our developer dashboard with as many variations of the templates as you’d like to establish. This can enable you to setup separate wording or branding for different verification types, segments of applicants, etc.

You can find this new feature in the Truv dashboard under the accounts tab, or alternatively, you can access customization template via API requests to the following endpoints:

  • List all customization templates
  • Create, retrieve, update, and delete customization templates
  • Update and delete a logo to the customization template

Setup Customization Templates in Truv’s Dashboard

Customer Feedback within Dashboard

Do you have comments or suggestions on how we could improve our product? Well we want to hear it! Truv has implemented a feedback button that allows you to send us tips, improvements, or updates directly from your dashboard experience. 

Simply press the feedback button in the lower left hand corner of your screen to send an email directly to Truv’s product and support team.

Submit Feedback for the Truv Team

Data Provider Endpoints Available

During implementation, it’s important to validate Truv’s coverage of integrations for various products. To provide complete clarify here, we’ve opened up our data provider endpoints for our customers to quickly identify integrations associated with various products. This enables our customers to cut through marketing buzz in the industry to reality on coverage, and you can quickly validate if an important provider is covered or not.

To access this list, customers can input their Client ID and Secret Access Code within our documentation to receive a complete list from our production environment.

Check Out the Data Provider Endpoints

Security Updates

As we onboard more clients into the Truv eco-system, security remains the most critical priority for Truv. To this end, we have made additional improvements this past month to protect client and PDF reports within Truv’s developer dashboard by launching additional rules impacting the following:

  • Password rotation after 180 days
  • Check allowed IP addresses
  • Google Login enabled after sign up

Truv is committed to data security and privacy and we’ll continue to focus on maintaining the safe guarding of our customers’ data.

What’s Next?

The team is already hard at work in March cooking up new features and updates. Check back in early April for the next round of progress and feel free to reach out to the Truv team with any questions on these enhancements!

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