Through the month of November, the product and engineering team has remained focused on our vision of unlocking the power of consumer-permissioned data. With this vision in mind, we have made several significant enhancements to Truv’s consumer-permissioned data platform that you have access to today.

Let’s dive right in!

Truv Bridge Updates

Significant Improvements to Income Data Quality

Truv remains relentlessly focused on data quality, because strong data quality and fill rates allows you to truly underwrite with confidence. With 95% of Truv’s integrations being API-based, we lead the industry with strong data quality.

To this end, we have improved the quality of our income data for several payroll provider integrations. These adjustments made significant improvements to the accuracy and fill rates for our integrations with Ceridian, Gusto, Oracle HCM, Paychex, Paycom, Paylocity, and Workday.

Additionally, our engineering and product teams optimized our DoorDash and AT&T integrations to improve data pull-through rates for our customers.

Testing Our ADP Connection Increased Conversion Rate by 1.4%

The product team at Truv is relentless on finding ways to improve conversion rates within the Truv Connect Bridge which enables our customers to achieve more success. To do so, we are constantly running new A/B tests to increase our conversion rate.

Recently we ran an A/B test with our ADP integration to understand the impact of splitting the username and password fields into individual screens. We believed that this would reduce confusion from users and increase conversion rates.

As expected, introducing the new flow increased familiarity driving a conversion rate increase of 1.4%. All of Truv’s customers now have access to this new flow and will see the increased success rate for our ADP integration.

Test the New ADP Flow

Optimized Direct Deposit Switch Flow

As Truv grows, our customers continue to use additional products within our consumer-permissioned data platform. Recently, we’ve seen significant growth with many of our customers using our direct deposit switch product.

In November, we worked closely with our existing customers to optimize our direct deposit switch flow focused on increasing successful conversions. In this new flow, the user is asked to login to their payroll provider or employer and then they select their direct deposit distribution. This adjustment significantly reduced friction and confusion which led to greater deposits for our customers.

Test the New Direct Deposit Switch Flow

One-Time-Password Suggestions on Mobile Experience

Minimizing friction and improving UX is forefront to everything that we do at Truv. As we minimize friction, more customers successfully authenticate to their income source.

The Truv Connect Bridge is now able to auto-populate OTP codes from text messages to simplify our multi-factor authentication flow. No longer will customers have to go into their messages to receive and copy the code before returning to the Truv Connect Bridge. The code will auto populate in their keyboard for a one-touch easy MFA. Test the New Flow

Truv Dashboard & Documentation Updates

Additional Webhook API Endpoints Now Available

To ensure that our customers can stay informed when certain events occur within the Truv Connect Bridge, we now offer additional webhook API endpoints. This enables your customers to be in the know of where they’re at in the verification process.

Our customers are now able to access our API Docs to understand how to create, retrieve, update, and delete individual webhooks putting more control in our customers’ hands. Explore

Download PDF of Insurance Report

Lenders need access to a lot of data points to make more informed lending decisions. With our recent product launch for insurance verification, our customers can now download a full PDF report for successful insurance verification connections.

When an Insurance report is generated and the team member clicks into the details in the offline workflow, they will now see a button in the upper right to download a PDF. Clicking this button will download a PDF copy of the insurance verification with all of the data fields that were returned.

Support Portal Launched

One of Truv’s core values is customer obsession, and as a result, we understand that providing a seamless support process is crucial. Last month, we launched our support portal that enables our customers to manage all support tickets with Truv in one location.

Customers are now able to click on the menu option for “Support Tickets”, where they’ll find all open and resolved support tickets for your company. This enables them to ensure that they’re getting fast responses from Truv that enable them to solve problems for their customers to complete more verifications.

The Truv team is already working on enhancing our support portal through the ability to chat with a Truv team member within the support portal. More details here coming soon! Explore Our Support Portal

What’s next?

The team is already hard at work in December cooking up new features and updates. Check back in early January for the next round of progress in the month of December!