New Feature Announcement: Truv’s App Clip Redefines Income Verification


Streamlining the Verification Process

At Truv, we’ve always been driven to simplify income and employment verification, making it a faster and more accessible process for all. With the introduction of our App Clip feature, we’ve taken a giant leap towards achieving that mission. So, what exactly is an App Clip? Think of it as a snippet of an application that can be triggered without the need to install a full app. This innovation bridges the gap between native app capabilities and the web environment, offering consumers the best of both worlds.

One of the primary challenges we aimed to tackle was the limitations imposed by the web platform. Traditional web-based verification processes often face barriers due to applicant’s hesitance to share login credentials. The App Clip feature disrupts this paradigm by eliminating the need to share sensitive login credentials directly with Truv. Instead, applicants can perform verification tasks seamlessly through their own devices. This streamlined process eliminates friction, reduces conversion challenges, and enhances the overall user experience.

While the App Clip feature has already made its debut on iOS, our journey is far from over. We’re actively working on expanding its reach to Android users, ensuring a comprehensive solution for all. Our commitment to innovation remains steadfast, and we’re excited to continue refining and enhancing the App Clip experience.

How App Clip Works…

…For Consumers

Whether it’s verifying income for a mortgage application or initiating a direct deposit switch for a new bank account, an applicant is asked to log into their provider. With Truv’s new App Clip feature, applicants can scan a QR code that will link them directly to their provider’s sign-in screen where they can enter their login credentials. Applicants can perform the necessary tasks from their own devices, enhancing security and peace of mind. And, it’s a convenient way to access this functionality without the commitment of installing an entire app.

…For Lenders

When an applicant authorizes permission to share their income data, lenders get access to their paystubs and tax documents. The benefits of the App Clip feature translates to increased customer retention and smoother verification processes. With fewer blocks from payroll providers and improved conversion rates, lenders can enjoy a more efficient verification service.


Truv’s mission is to put data back in the hands of consumers. By seamlessly bridging the gap between native app functionality and the web environment, we are setting new industry standards and propelling the verification process into the future. The App Clip provides a hassle-free solution that aligns with users’ needs. As we gather data, refine our offerings, and expand to Android, the future looks brighter than ever for Truv and our customers.

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