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About Washington Army National Guard

The Washington Army National Guard is a branch of the United States Army, which serves the state of Washington in times of emergency and national defense. It is commanded by the governor of the state, and is composed of both full-time and part-time soldiers, as well as civilian employees. The Washington Army National Guard was first established as a territorial militia in 1855, and later became a component of the Army National Guard in 1903. Today, it serves as an important part of the state’s emergency preparedness and response system, providing assistance during natural disasters, civil unrest, and other emergencies. In addition to its emergency response role, the Washington Army National Guard also supports the national defense by providing trained soldiers for deployment overseas. It has sent soldiers to conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has been involved in other international missions as well. The Washington Army National Guard operates on a budget of approximately $205 million per year, and has a force of approximately 6,000 soldiers. Its headquarters is located in Camp Murray, Washington, and it has armories and facilities throughout the state. Overall, the Washington Army National Guard provides an important service to the state of Washington and the nation as a whole, by preparing for and responding to a wide range of emergencies and threats.

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