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Tempus is a technology company based in Chicago, Illinois, that specializes in using genomic data to enhance cancer treatment. The company was co-founded in 2015 by Eric Lefkofsky, who is also the CEO. Tempus works to develop a personalized approach to cancer treatment by collecting and analyzing large amounts of genomic data from patients, partnering with hospitals and healthcare organizations to integrate data into patient care. Tempus has established collaborations with a variety of health systems, academic medical centers, and pharmaceutical companies, including the University of Michigan, Duke University, and Northwestern Medicine. The company has also partnered with companies such as Best Doctors, Precision Health AI, and Flatiron Health for their data and analytics services. In addition to its genomic sequencing and analysis, Tempus has also developed a suite of clinical decision support tools for healthcare providers, including a platform for monitoring cancer patients’ progress, predicting treatment options, and tracking clinical trials. Overall, with its focus on personalized medicine and collaboration with healthcare providers and organizations, Tempus is a leading company in the fight against cancer and improving patient outcomes.

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