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SEIU Local 1, also known as the Service Employees International Union Local 1, is a labor union headquartered in the United States. Established in 1983, the organization represents over 50,000 workers across various industries, including janitorial, security, food service, and residential maintenance. SEIU Local 1 is one of the largest and fastest-growing labor unions in the Midwest, covering several major cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Detroit, and St. Louis. The union is affiliated with the larger Service Employees International Union, a renowned labor organization with over 2 million members across North America. The primary mission of SEIU Local 1 is to improve the working conditions, wages, and benefits of its members. It achieves this by negotiating collective bargaining agreements with employers, advocating for fair labor laws and enforcement, and mobilizing workers to participate in strikes, demonstrations, and legislative campaigns. The union focuses on creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, fighting for racial, gender, and economic justice. SEIU Local 1 has played a significant role in numerous successful campaigns, such as the Fight for $15, which aimed to raise the minimum wage, and the Justice for Janitors movement, seeking fair treatment for janitorial workers. The union has been instrumental in securing significant victories for workers, including fair contracts, improved healthcare, and paid time off. Overall, SEIU Local 1 plays a pivotal role in empowering workers and advancing their rights across various industries, striving to create economic fairness and social justice.

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