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About Motorcycle Safety Foundation

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is a non-profit organization based in the United States that promotes motorcycle safety through education and training. Founded in 1973, the MSF has become a world-renowned authority on motorcycle safety. The MSF offers various training programs designed to improve motorist safety for both riders and non-riders. These courses, taught by certified instructors, include basic rider courses, advanced courses, and other specialized programs. In addition, the MSF provides training for riders of all skill levels, from novice to experienced. The MSF also collaborates with government agencies, schools, and private organizations to promote motorcycle safety. The foundation has been recognized for its efforts to reduce motorcycle accidents, injuries, and fatalities, and is supported by major motorcycle manufacturers, industry associations, and rider groups worldwide. Overall, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a reputable organization dedicated to improving motorcycle safety through education and training. Its programs and initiatives have contributed to the reduction of motorcycle accidents and have made a significant and positive impact on the motorcycling community.

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