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Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Milford, New Hampshire (USA), Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc. is the premier supplier of complete-to-print, high-volume, complex thin-wall investment castings and fully-finished casting-based subassemblies and components to industry. The company leads the industry in volume production, reduced lead-times and just-in-time manufacturing. Hitchiner produces castings in hundreds of different alloys for a broad spectrum of global markets and customers that include the leaders in the automotive, aerospace, and other industries. Beyond the foundry, Hitchiner is a leader in applying the latest technology and controls to the shop floor throughout the manufacturing process. The use of computer-aided design and manufacturing facilitates a close working relationship with customers to design parts and components for maximum manufacturing efficiency. Robots are employed at various phases of production, particularly in shell building where the precise layering of slurry and stucco is critical to producing a consistent product. Numerically controlled machines are utilized in a variety of milling, boring, grinding, machining, and assembly operations to bring final dimensions to exact conformance with specification. Highlights: Employees: 2,000 worldwide Sales: Over $200 million NAICS Code: 331512; Steel Investment Foundries

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