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Grassroots Campaigns Inc. is a for-profit company that specializes in running political campaigns and advocacy programs. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the company was founded in 2003 by three activists who wanted to provide a more effective way for grassroots groups to raise funds and build political power. Today, Grassroots Campaigns operates in over 170 cities across the United States and has offices in other countries including Canada and Australia. The company provides a range of services to its clients, including canvassing, phone banking, and digital organizing. Its approach is focused on face-to-face interaction with potential supporters and donors. Grassroots Campaigns is known for its innovative and effective campaign strategies, which prioritize building long-term relationships with supporters. The company’s clients have included political candidates, non-profits, and advocacy organizations. Grassroots Campaign’s success has been attributed to its ability to mobilize large numbers of volunteers and its use of advanced technology to track and manage campaigns. In addition to its work with political campaigns, the company has also run successful fundraising drives for causes including environmental conservation, refugee relief, and LGBTQ rights.

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TRUV allows you to complete employee, employment and income verifications faster. The process is simple and automated, and most employees are verified within 24 hours. Verifiers love TRUV because it’s never been easier and more streamlined to verify an employee.

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