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Cheeky Scientist is a professional development and job placement company aimed at helping PhDs transition into careers outside of academia. Founded in 2014 by Isaiah Hankel, the company operates from its headquarter located in Seattle, Washington. Cheeky Scientist offers a range of programs and services designed to help PhDs acquire skills and knowledge that are applicable to diverse career paths, including Industry Resume training, Industry Interview training, and Industry Job Offer Negotiation training. The company has developed a wide network of more than 6,000 employers who are searching for qualified candidates for their job openings, and provides personalized job placement assistance to its clients. The membership program of Cheeky Scientist provides access to a community of like-minded professionals, as well as job search training, exclusive webinars, and career development resources. Additionally, the company offers several courses on topics such as project management, data analysis, and business acumen that are essential for professionals in non-academic careers. With a high success rate of PhD students transitioning to industry positions, Cheeky Scientist has become a trusted resource and a valuable platform for those looking for guidance and support for their professional endeavors outside of academia.

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