Unlock the Power of Consumer-Permissioned Data.

The industry-leading consumer-permissioned data platform with unmatched coverage, compliance, and data quality.

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A Fully Integrated Suite of Products within Truv’s Consumer-Permissioned Data Platform.

Income and Employment Verification.

Quickly verify a consumer’s income and employment status to make more confident decisions that drive growth while reducing risk for your organization.

Paycheck-Linked Loans.

Create a winning partnership between you and your customers by setting up recurring payments directly from their paycheck.

Direct Deposit Switch.

Create a seamless experience to drive direct deposit growth and penetration, increase primary financial institution metrics, and cultivate more engaged customers.

Insurance Verification.

Quickly verify the status of a consumer’s auto or home insurance policy to further automate the loan approval and onboarding process.

Employment History Verification.

Accelerate turnaround time for your customers and instantly access the up-to-date employment history data that you need to make more informed decisions.

Historically, data in silos have been difficult to access. Truv solves this problem by empowering financial organizations with access to every consumer-permissioned financial data source available.

Empower Your Organization with Consumer-Permissioned Data.

Decrease time to close, customer acquisition costs, and verification costs with Truv’s income and employment verification and insurance verification products.

Automate income and insurance verification to decrease risk, fraud, and losses.

Switch your customers’ direct deposit distribution immediately while accessing income and employment data for lending decisions.

Quickly verify income and employment history to automate pre-employment screening.

Understand your consumers more deeply through unlocking every consumer-permissioned financial data source.

Launch in Days not Months with Truv.

Truv’s rich developer experience enables you to launch with our consumer-permissioned data platform quickly.


Truv Dashboard.

Access reporting, invite users, get production API keys, chat with support, and more all through one portal.


Truv Connect Bridge.

Easily embed Truv within your online and mobile experience using our SDK and 10 lines of code.


No Code Experience.

Gain value from Truv on day one without any development necessary through our orders workflow.

Truv’s rich developer experience enables you to launch with our consumer-permissioned data platform quickly.

Why Partner with Truv.

We are changing the way financial organizations access data to truly make informed decisions about their customers.

Unmatched Coverage


Expanding to 100% coverage through four data sources

Market-Leading Data Quality


Fill Rates and Data Accuracy

Comprehensive API Platform


Data Points Available through One Platform

Unlock the Power of Consumer-Permissioned Data.

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