The Money 20/20 Must-See Guide for Fintech Professionals

Truv has cultivated a Money 20/20 must-see list of the best booths, speaker events, and parties to help you make the most of your experience.

In less then a week, Money 20/20 is back in full force — the booths, the conversations, the meetings, the parties, and an amazing speaker lineup, including the tennis star turned successful business woman, Serena Williams. The conference stats alone are bigger than life: 8K+ attendees, 2.8K+ leading companies, and 6.6K+ meetings booked. With the 3-day event nearly here, it’s time to refine your gameplan to not only survive and navigate Money 20/20 but to thrive during your time in Vegas. We’ve cultivated a must see list of the best booths, speaker events, and parties. First, here’s a video to get you hyped!

Best Booths

Each year at Money 20/20, the booths get better — more creative and interactive, showcasing ever-evolving, game-changing tech. The conversations start and continue here.

Fintech Booths

Don’t miss:

  Also, use this interactive map of the expo hall and never get lost!

Best Speaker Events

Money 20/20 has a stacked lineup of speakers this year from banking executives to fintech thought leaders. We’ve identified these speaker events as the ones you shouldn’t miss!

Best Parties

After an action-packed day of making game-changing connections and impactful conversations, if you have the energy, these are the parties to attend.

Nightlife at Money 20/20 Be sure to check out the amazing Money 20/20 events — from concerts to breakfast and lunch programs — that the conference is sponsoring!

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