So, Darshana, tell me about your journey.

My journey started, essentially, as an engineer. I have my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Science but the majority of my experience has been in FinTech working with companies like PayPal, Venmo, and Afterpay doing what I love [which is building products.] I worked with PayPal for five years then moved to Venmo so I could lead their checkout product. While I was at Afterpay, I launched the in-store product in the U.S. and now, here I am at Truv!

Why did you decide to join Truv?

I started with Truv as an advisor in September 2020 and saw how in-need the infrastructure was, people don’t realize how often it’s used, and Truv is building a key solution around it. I have friends and family buying homes and changing jobs, and the most cumbersome part of that process is the waiting game of documentation, approval, paperwork. We’re solving that problem in a very seamless, simple, and effective way that will allow people to get verified instantly. I also love the team, the culture, how fast we ship things, it’s extremely rewarding as a product person, so I was very excited and fortunate to move into it full-time.

What surprised you the most after you joined the team?

How fast-paced the culture is. We’re a remote-first company but everyone works really hard and genuinely cares about the product, the company, and the goals. I was also surprised by the pace that we launch features … what used to take two weeks to build out at some of the previous companies that I worked for, takes two or three days for our engineers to build here. It’s amazing and highly rewarding!

What do you like most about working here?

Along with the culture and the pace, we have some really smart people on the team who also happen to be humble and truly amazing humans. It’s been really great working alongside people who have built companies before, not only do I get to make an impact on the product but learn from them & grow as an individual as well!

What does your day-to-day look like?

My primary goal right now is improving conversion for existing products which translates into a product or feature improvements, improving search, coverage, company mappings, building awareness, UI/UX improvements, changing how we track & measure data, and planning for what the team should be working on.

I’m also focused on supporting existing and new clients to make sure we’re implementing Truv bridge the right way. Yes there is a right and wrong way to implement us.

That’s awesome. What have you accomplished since joining?

My first task was rebranding the website, which was a fun task. I had a chance to help with that right at the beginning and helped me onboard. I’ve helped release the new UI – which I’m super proud of giving the right experience to the end users is critical, new search functionality, DDS product, end user awareness, streamlining analytics, customization of the Truv Bridge and streamlining our implementation processes.

Tell me a funny story from the time you’ve been at Truv.

At one point, we were trying to update the UI and we were exploring logos for error screens, and one of the explorations out of thirty logos that our designer, Daniel, designed was literally a glitching logo for the payroll provider. It looked like we were getting hacked, we obviously didn’t go with that option but it was pretty funny that we considered it as an option.

We’re lucky to have you, Darshana! Thank you for taking the time to talk.