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The lowest friction channel to switch direct deposit distribution. Acquire more customers and accelerate deposit growth.

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Automate Direct
Deposit Switching.

Automate Direct Deposit Switching.

  • Sticky Relationships.

    Consumers have the same primary checking account for an average of 16 years.
  • High Friction.

    Switching a financial relationship has a lot of friction.
  • High Intent to Switch.

    32% of consumers indicated that they are very likely to switch their checking relationship in the next year.
  • Low Friction.

    Automating direct deposit switching in an average of 45 seconds.
  • Deposit Growth.

    Direct deposit growth of up to 65%.
  • Competitive Intel.

    Providing competitive insights on prior and current direct deposit distributions.
Immediate ROI

Realize Business Value with Truv’s Direct Deposit Switch Solution.

Direct Deposit Growth.

Drive direct deposit growth of up to 65% by reducing the friction from the switching experience.

Marketing Segmentation.

Understand which customers have all, a portion, and none of their direct deposit going to your institution to empower you to improve your marketing strategies.

Competitive Insights.

Understand where your customers’ previous direct deposit was distributed to allow you to derive insights from where you’re stealing market share from.

Increase Efficiency.

Reduce manual forms that drive greater call center volume for your staff. Empower in person branch staff to automate direct deposit switching through Truv.

How Direct Deposit
Switching with Truv Works.

How Direct Deposit Switching with Truv Works.

Employer Employer
Payroll Payroll
Credential-less Credential-less

Why Partner with Truv.

Why Partner with Truv.

Unmatched Coverage
95% API Integrations
Highest End-to-End Conversion Rates
Flexible Integration Options
Competitive Insights
Go Live Immediately with Platform Integrations

Unmatched Coverage.

  • 90% Coverage for Automated Direct Deposit Switching.
  • Manual Form to Achieve 100%.
  • 12,800 Integrations and 2.3M employers in Truv’s database.

95% API Integrations.

  • Integrations that aren’t blocked by payroll providers.
  • Login speeds of five seconds or less.
  • The highest security of credentials.
  • Remain continuous access to the customer’s payroll account for other use cases.

Highest End-to-End Conversion Rates.

  • Integrations with the top 43 single-sign on providers.
  • 195k employers mapped to payroll providers.

Flexible Integration Options.

  • In Branch: No code implementation option that allows branch team members to send a text message and/or email to the customer to switch their direct deposit.
  • API Call: Ping an API when a new account is opened to automatically send the new customer a text message and/or email to the customer to switch their direct deposit.
  • Online & Mobile Banking: Fully integrated at all times with online and mobile banking.

Competitive Insights.

  • The highest fill rates on competitive insights received after a direct deposit switch is successful.
  • Understand where your customers’ prior direct deposit was going and where their current direct deposit is going.

Go Live Immediately with Platform Integrations.

  • Jack Henry Banno
  • Alkami
  • Constellation
  • More Coming Soon…

Why Partner with Truv.

Change the way your
customers switch direct deposit
distribution to drive growth.

Change the way your customers switch direct deposit distribution to drive growth.

Unmatched Coverage


of the U.S. workforce through 12,800 unique integrations

Strongest Authentication Experience


of integrations are API-based rather than screen scraping

Go Live Immediately


integration options for both digital and in-person channels

Resources for Direct
Deposit Switching.

Resources for Direct Deposit Switching

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