S2Verify partners with Truv to reduce VOE costs by 96%


About S2Verify:

S2Verify is a fast-growing employment screening provider, combining over 20 years of experience in the human resources and screening industry. S2Verify delivers award-winning customer service and affordable background screening that helps employers reduce time and effort during the hiring process.


Employment history verification is an essential part of a comprehensive background screen. However, for many CRAs, it’s traditionally been a low-margin business. Over the past few years, that low-margin business soon became unprofitable for S2Verify as its verification provider increased prices by hundreds of percent annually.

The prices also impacted S2Verify’s clients. Longstanding clients became frustrated with the high pass-through costs, resulting in many foregoing employment history verifications altogether.

“The skyrocketing costs made employment verification unprofitable for us and was preventing me from servicing my clients,” said Bryan Zimbardi, Research Manager at S2Verify. “My customers were shocked by the extra fees, and many just stopped doing employment verification as part of their screening process, especially those where it isn’t a federal requirement.”


S2Verify evaluated multiple vendors and selected Truv as its employment history verification solution. Truv’s seamless applicant experience was a determining factor for S2Verify.

“Truv’s applicant experience was the cleanest among the vendors we evaluated,” said Bryan Zimbardi, Research Manager at S2Verify. “The screening process needs to be frictionless for the applicant, and Truv’s applicant interface made it the obvious choice.”


Since partnering with Truv, S2Verify’s results include:

  • Reduced turnaround times from 24-36 hours per screen to less than 5 minutes
  • Saved over 96% in employment history verification costs compared to the previous vendor

“We’ve completely moved away from my previous vendor for verifications. Truv has helped us improve turnarounds and coverage for our clients, while being a trusted partner. Whenever we’ve had suggestions or needed help, Truv is there for us,” said Bryan Zimbardi, Research Manager at S2Verify

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