Plexus Global increases profits with Truv

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The biggest return Plexus Global has seen since relying on Truv for employment verification is savings of both time and money. The labor cost—the price of hiring and paying staff—of running verifications is a large portion of Plexus Global’s expenditures but not a large portion of their revenue.

With staff taking less time to verify employment, their overall costs decrease while still providing a fast and reliable service. And without paying the $40 to $50 per verification, Plexus Global can pass on savings to their clients, improving satisfaction and retention in the long run.

In the early nineties, Carlos Lacambra was a private investigator for business crimes. During and since that time, he’s conducted thousands of interviews and learned a lot about people from all walks of life. It was through that experience that he developed his love of people and helping them. “I believe in investing in people,” he says, “So I’ve made my career about helping people find the best and mitigate risk through hiring risk mitigation solutions.”

Carlos does that now as the President of Plexus Global, which provides a suite of hiring risk mitigation programs, such as background checks, drug and alcohol testing, and occupational health screening and assessments. With their high-tech and hightouch approach, they maximize the benefits of technology to minimize costs and lower turnaround times while consistently delivering the high service levels expected by their diverse clientele. As President of the company, Carlos oversees strategic initiatives and company-wide operations.

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