OpenRoad Lending saves consumers $100 monthly with Truv

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Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Austin

“As an entrepreneur myself, I appreciate that Truv takes my feedback seriously and works quickly to improve the product. Truv’s CEO has even been there to help with my integration, which says a lot about how much Truv values its customers.”

About OpenRoad

OpenRoad Lending is an online direct-to-consumer automotive refinancing company that handles a large number of refinancing applications for subprime, near-prime, and non-prime borrowers. The automotive refinancing industry is a growing space, where consumers are realizing that there are options to refinance and get a lower interest rate for car payments.


Prior to the global pandemic in 2019, few consumers knew auto loan refinancing was a possibility. The pandemic catalyzed consumers to find money-saving options, and auto loan refinancing became an obvious choice.

Due to the prevalence of fraud, the verification of income and employment is critical among OpenRoad Lending’s borrowers. While OpenRoad Lending used other verification services, it still had to manually review pay stubs or call employers for the majority of verifications. Rising prices also made it difficult for OpenRoad Lending to help borrowers save as much money as possible. With the influx of consumer demand, OpenRoad Lending started to rethink its consumer experience and find a more all-in-one automated solution.


OpenRoad Lending selected Truv as its all-in-one consumer-permissioned instant verification solution for income and employment after running A/B tests against alternative providers. Truv outperformed for both borrower coverage and conversion rates.


  • Significant savings on income and employment verifications each month
  • Decreased time to fund a loan
  • Increased adoption as borrowers get more comfortable entering payroll credentials
  • Saving its customers $100 per month on average on their car payments

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