Q1 2022 Product Update


Q1 2022 was one of the most exciting quarters to date. Not only did we rename the company to Truv (fka Citadel API), but we announced our Series A funding backed by Kleiner Perkins. In the spirit of being customer-centric, we’re bringing back quarterly product updates, so you can keep up with the improvements we’re making based on customer feedback.

Launching Document Upload in May!

You asked, and we delivered. We’ve added a document upload functionality to our product suite. With Truv’s white-labeled document upload solution, end users can upload their paystubs as part of Truv’s verification workflow. Customers can enable this functionality with no additional integrations.

Encompass, Tazworks, and Accio Data enabled!

It goes without saying our goal is to serve all clients. That’s why we’ve scaled our integrations with platforms including Encompass, TazWorks, and Accio Data.

Lending clients can enable Truv as a solution on the Encompass platform, while background screeners can access Truv’s solution on TazWorks and Accio Data platforms.

Learn more about Truv’s platform integrations.

More SSOs supported

A seamless login experience for users is key to the promise of consumer credentialed verification. Truv has always supported a variety of single-sign-on (SSO) solutions and multi-factor authentication (MFA) in the login experience.

We recently added DUO to our supported SSO solutions to provide end users a seamless login experience and improve client’s conversion rates.

New W2 fields!

One of Truv’s key objectives is to make data exhaustive. We added W2 fields to our API responses as another step towards this goal.

Earnings and rate/hour fields are also available for all key providers when we return results and we’ll be scaling this functionality to all supported providers.

Learn more about W2 fields.

Truv’s Dashboard Updates

More alerts, yes please!

You want better monitoring and we heard you! We enabled the provider status page in our Truv Dashboard so clients can easily monitor the health of all supported providers at a glance.

New and improved customization tab

Seamless integration of Truv into your user experience is a highly valued feature. We’ve made it better. Now not only can you change branding, logo, add or remove your privacy policy, but you can customize the fields returned in the JSON response or the PDF report. This feature allows you to remove user details that you don’t want in the results.

Data insights in Truv Dashboard

Empowering clients with insights about their orders and traffic is a top priority. That’s why we enabled the “Reporting” tab with all key metrics in the Truv dashboard for all live clients.

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