In October, the product and engineering team made great strides to continue our commitment to drive the safest and most reliable API connections to payroll accounts that enable income & employment verification, direct deposit switching, and more. With a strong focus on optimizing connections, redesigning user experiences, and improving data quality — each update furthers our vision of helping organizations to unlock the power of consumer-permissioned data. 

Let’s dive in!

Truv Bridge

Redesigned Truv Bridge 

We launched the redesigned Truv Bridge, post running A/B test to provide a streamlined experience for our end-users and optimize conversion rates for our clients.

  • We have introduced categories for end users to be able to quickly search for their “income source”
  • Added Popular category based on our client’s traffic. This sorts by frequently seen employers for our clients and allows for users to move to the next step with less friction.


Improved Login Speed for UKG

The product team continues to focus on optimizing the amount of time it takes for a user to enter their login information and receive an error if that’s incorrect. We achieve faster login speeds for our end users by returning the error as soon as the provider informs us that credentials are incorrect and not have to wait for other tasks to complete.

Optimized Connection b/w Truv & JP Morgan Chase

We optimized the connection between Truv and JP Morgan Chase as part of our ongoing initiative to improve user employer access. End-users who are employed by JP Morgan Chase will be able to successfully login and provide financial institutions with their payroll data with greater ease.

Direct Deposit Switch for Dollar General & Oracle HCM

Direct Deposit Switch has been enabled for Dollar General & Oracle HCM. This allows financial institutions to provide their users with a simple way to redirect their direct deposit to a preferred bank account.

Pay Rate Improvements

With the introduction of pay_rate to Truv’s employment data, the team is continuously identifying areas where we can improve the data quality and provide clients with a simple understanding of our income data. This also results in income data that is consistent between payroll provider and employers.

Access Truv Bridge Offline 

Insurance verification launched 

Insurance verification is now available in the offline experience. If you are a Mortgage or an Auto lending partner that uses Truv’s solution via Orders, you can now add Insurance onto your existing flows in combination with Income verification.

New Products Added for Offline Experience

Direct Deposit Switch and Paycheck-Linked Loans are now available in offline flow, unlocking new flows for potential clients. Now clients who don’t have dedicated resources can still use Truv’s products out of the box. Explore

Landing Page Redesign

We introduced a new design of our landing page which is available in offline experience, post running A/B test. Now not only is our offline experience consistent with our new branding but optimized for conversion rates.

Truv Dashboard 

Support Tickets Menu Added

In the Client Dashboard, clients will now see a menu option for “Support tickets”, where they will find a view of all open, pending and resolved support tickets, improving the overall client experience. This provides clients or Truv’s partners with a comprehensive overview of all support tickets submitted in one place including updates and status of each tickets. Explore

What’s next?

The team is already hard at work in November cooking up new features and updates. Check back in early December for the next round!