Product Updates – January 2023


Tax Verification Product Launch

Currently Truv covers 85% of the U.S. workforce with our ability to verify income & employment. One of the key focus area is to constantly improve coverage. To that end, we have added Tax Verification product in January to unlock self employed user segment to further our reach in terms of coverage.

Self-employed users can now provide access to IRS accepted tax returns to lenders via Truv.

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Truv Bridge Updates

Payroll Category in Truv Bridge

Truv has seen significant growth within our verification of income & employment product, announcing several key partnerships with lenders, banks and credit unions. These partnerships enable lenders to make confident underwriting decisions.

As an enhancement to this product, we’ve launched categories in the Truv Bridge and added a a Payroll category for those users who are familiar with their payroll providers. Now end-users can easily navigate to the category thats most relevant to them and complete the verification easily. Categories in Truv Bridge now include

  • Popular: popular employers for your traffic
  • Employer: top employers in US 
  • Payroll: payroll providers sorted by share of market
  • Gig: popular gig economy companies
  • Benefits: retirement, disability and veteran benefits

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Improved Search in Truv Bridge

Truv remains focused on optimizing conversion rate to enhance the end-user experience and help provide our clients with a superior product. With this in mind, we’ve added couple of enhancements to the Truv Bridge. 

  • Ability to handle searching with typos
  • Clear empty state for search with instructions & fallback options to better guide end-user

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Data Quality Improvements

Truv remains relentlessly focused on data quality, because strong data quality and fill rates allows our customers to truly underwrite with confidence. With majority of Truv’s integrations being API-based, we lead the industry with strong data quality.

To this end, we have significantly improved pull-through rates for all employers that use the following providers: ADP, Paycom, Paychex, Oracle, Intuit & Workday. 


New provider added Doculivery

Integrations is the core of Truv’s business and furthers the needs of lenders in terms of coverage. To that end, we’ve added a net new provider to the supported integrations – Doculivery. 

Truv Dashboard & Documentation Updates

Improved Dashboard Menu

We’ve gathered significant feedback from existing clients on the Truv Dashboard. One of the key pain-points is finding the right resources during implementation and go-live experience. To this end, we’ve enhanced the Truv Dashboard experience by 2-fold. 

  • We have streamline the Truv Dashboard navigation
  • In addition, we’ve added description for each menu item to help guide our clients through each of the navigation item

Sandbox credentials automation

In order to enhance our client experience, we’ve added automation to add sandbox credentials dynamically based on our clients needs. This furthers the goal of providing customization Truv’s solution to fit our clients needs and help Truv be the partner of growth. 

Meet us in person!

The Truv team will be all of the below events over the next few months. Catch us at one of these events, we hope to see you in person. 

We look forward to implementing new customers, platforms and driving big product releases in the month of February, so stay tuned! See you next month.

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