Truv Platform Updates

Encompass Updates

We’ve made big quality of life improvements for our customers leveraging Encompass. These UI changes will help optimize Encompass workflows and decrease confusion on where to find Truv functionality within Encompass

New Orders Page

Our UI update for the Encompass orders page adds a new field called status update. This field allows users to enter the emails of different managers who wish to be notified about updates to that particular order status. This process eliminates tedious manual work and allows all relevant parties to stay informed on an order status.

Order Page Tabs

Previously in Encompass we could only show an overview of new orders. We have now added tabs that allow Encompass users to switch between viewing new orders and order status. This previously could only be done by leaving the page and opening a new table. We’ve also added new functionality to the order status tab. Encompass users can now easily cancel an order, download an order report, or refresh order data directly in the table. These buttons live under their own columns on the right hand side of the table. These changes will save tedious manual effort for Encompass users and allow them to create a more efficient workflow.

Check out these changes in your own Encompass instance today!

Jack Henry Banno Updates

We’ve made it easier to manually set up direct deposit switch for customers using the Banno platform. When a user is asked to select the type of institution they wish to set up a deposit for, users are given the option to select “I can’t connect my account”. Clicking this prompt will allow the users to set up their connection manually. This experience gives users another avenue to authenticate their deposit account and therefore will help increase conversion rates.

Login to Banno today to see the changes for your own customers.

Truv Bridge Updates

Phone Number Mask

In order to help standardize data and create an easier customer experience, we’ve added a phone data entry mask to our phone number entry field. This mask doesn’t allow applicants to enter any non numerical character and helps prompt applicants to enter phone numbers in the correct format.

CashApp Pin Instructions

In order to give applicants a seamless verification experience, we’ve added CashApp Pin setup instructions to the CashApp user flow. These instructions help users navigate the process of creating a pin so that they can verify their income and employment via cashapp. These are the tactical UX changes we make to help increase conversion rates. View Changes in Truv’s Emulator

Truv Dashboard Updates

Resend Expired Orders

Truv is constantly optimizing workflows for order creation to help drive efficiency for lenders. In pursuit of that goal, Truv has created a seamless way to re-send previously expired orders without having to start the order creation process from scratch. In the Truv dashboard, users can click the envelope icon next to an expired order or they can click the “Resend Order” button after clicking into the order details. When the resend functionality is used, data from the previous order including First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email will be automatically ported in. This helps create a more efficient workflow.

To find this feature today access the orders tab of your dashboard.

Average Hours Worked/Pay Period

We’ve heard several requests to add Average Hours Worked/Pay Period data to the data you recieve from a verification. We’ve now made that data easily accessible so that you have the information you need to make informed loan decisions.

Custom Order Manager Experience

We understand that there are several different types of users accessing the Truv platform. In order to create a more efficient and streamlined experience we’ve created a custom documentation link for Order Managers. When an assigned order manager clicks the docs button of the Truv dashboard, they will be taken to a dedicated docs page for order management. This will help order managers find exactly what they’re looking for and prevent time wasted on sifting through documentation.

To access this feature today, have your order manager click the docs link in the Truv dashboard. Check It Out Yourself

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These improvements to our product help us serve you better. If there are any improvements or integrations you’d like to see in the future, please let us know!