As autumn leaves fall and the season shifts, we’re delighted to share the latest developments and enhancements that will make your experience even better. Our team has been hard at work crafting improvements and new features to ensure you get the most out of our product. Join us on this journey to explore what’s new and exciting this October!

Promotional Offer Announcement

Verification of Assets(VOA) free for the first 3 months

Truv is extending a special introductory promotion for our new Asset Verification product, providing the first three months free of charge to all our existing clients who sign up before the end of 2023. Recognizing the challenges in the mortgage market, we see this as an opportunity to strengthen our partnership with you.

With the introduction of Verification of Assets, Truv has positioned itself as the pioneering Consumer Permissioned Data Company to offer a comprehensive mortgage underwriting solution, complementing our existing services for income, employment, and insurance verification.

New Product Announcement

Alkami Platform Integration

Truv is thrilled to announce our latest integration with Alkami. Alkami offers a comprehensive digital banking solution, providing a versatile platform for digital, retail, and business user onboarding, engagement, and account management.

With our integration with Alkami, we are now making Direct deposit switching accessible to all Alkami clients within their platform, whether they are new or existing members. This integration is readily available for all Alkami customers, empowering them to increase deposit growth, acquire more customers and drive engagement and stickiness within the platform.

Truv Platform Updates

Encompass Improvements

In our Encompass integration experience, we’re proud to unveil a timeline feature. Within the Encompass panel, our clients can now seamlessly look at their order updates. For instance, when the borrower was notified using what channels, if they opened or clicked through the notifications or completed the verification. This detailed timeline of events gives Loan Officers the visibility and detailed updates about individual orders. More transparency, less phone calls to borrowers and hence shorter time to close!

Truv Bridge Updates

Truv Instant App for Android

Truv’s groundbreaking Instant App feature empowers users to access verification and switch direct deposits without the need to divulge sensitive login information. Through a simple QR code scan, users can effortlessly access their provider’s sign-in screen from their own devices, streamlining the process and bolstering security. For lenders, this translates to higher customer retention and smoother verification procedures, ultimately enhancing efficiency. We are excited to announce that Truv’s Instant App functionality is now accessible to all Android users.

Manual Forms for Direct Deposit Switch Product

While instant direct deposit switching may not always be feasible, particularly for certain companies or if a user chooses not to authenticate with their payroll provider, we are committed to offering an alternative solution to ensure a seamless experience. That’s why we’ve introduced manual forms as a backup to our Direct Deposit Switch product.

With this new feature, users can not only access pre-filled forms that are signed and dated, ready to be emailed to their employer’s HR team, but Truv also provides an option for users to customize pay distribution as they generate these pre-filled forms.

Truv Dashboard Updates

Truv Native Report Improvements

We’ve recently introduced Native reporting to give you a deeper understanding of Truv’s impact on your business and a clearer view of your Truv usage. To take this a step further, we’ve incorporated more filter options, including data sources, dates, product types, integration types, and templates. This enables you to analyze and track your data in finer detail.

Truv Invoicing Improvements

We recently announced Truv Invoices, a new capability that generates individual borrower invoices encompassing all application-related expenses. This innovative feature empowers clients to efficiently transfer fees directly to branches or borrowers. Taking it a step further, we’ve now set up a default system to automatically pre-fill invoices for all orders once you’ve enabled this feature. Enable invoices

Your Feedback Matters

These enhancements to our product are just the beginning of our commitment to you. We value your input and would love to hear about any additional improvements or integrations you envision for the future. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us.