Truv Bridge Updates

Native Reset for MyPay and Intuit Quickbooks

Better customer experiences lead to higher pull through rates, and in the case of the Truv Bridge, we’re constantly iterating to provide the best experiences possible for our customers. This month we’ve added native reset capabilities for our MyPay & Intuit Quickbooks integrations. Users who don’t remember their username or password to authenticate can now easily reset their information in the Truv Bridge without having to leave the financial organization’s digital experience.

This enhancement further increases the number of applicants who successfully complete a verification, and increases our clients ability to drive higher end-to-end conversion rates.

View Native Reset Updates in Truv’s Emulator

Elastic Search in Truv Bridge

Truv has the highest number of employers in our database for payroll aggregation supporting 2.3M employers today. However, we see that end users have many ways that they address a certain employer and this adds complexity to identify the right employer in our database.

In order to combat this, we’ve added new elastic search functionality in the Truv Bridge which intelligently allows a consumer to search for their employer or payroll provider and show the appropriate search results regardless of the search query. This provides a more intuitive experience for users and helps our customers increase their pull through rates to increase their end-to-end conversion rates.

Login Improvements

Core to Truv’s consumer-permissioned data platform is enabling users to easily authenticate with their payroll provider, financial institution, tax-prep software, or insurance provider. The easier the login experience, the more completed verifications that occur.

This month we’ve made the following significant improvements to our login experience:

  • Improved login flow for Workday and Oracle driving uptick in conversion rates for Workday by 5% and Oracle by 15%
  • Improved login flow for Social Security Administration (SSA) to prompt a 24% increase in conversion rate
  • Improved average time to login for Paycom to be under 5s
  • Added additional MFA screens for our Amazon AtoZ integration
  • Additional MFA screens are now supported for employers who use ADP for our direct deposit switch product

These improvements have increased conversion rates and have helped Truv to create a better customer experience for your customers.

Data Quality Improvements

We work to improve our data quality, so you can rest assured that you’re making the most accurate decisions possible. This month we made improvements to the following:

  • Pay frequency
  • Income – regular earnings
  • Bank accounts and routing number (Oracle Peoplesoft)
  • SSO improvements (Adomyinfo, B2clogin, Secureauth)
  • Included W2 in API responses (CVS)

We’ll keep improving our data quality so that you can keep distributing qualified loans. 

Integration Improvements

Integrations are key to keeping our platform valuable to our customers, so every month we work to not only improve our existing integrations but also add new integrations. This month we’ve improved our integrations with ADP, Insperity, General Motors, SAP, Paylocity, Paychex, Paycom, Ceredian and many Oracle integrations including but not limited to employers such as Macy’s, VITAS, City of Tampa, Quest Diagnostics and others.

Launching Truv on Jack Henry Banno

Truv is actively working on building integrations to leading online and mobile banking platforms to make the adoption of our products easier for our financial institution partners.

To this end, we have integrated with Jack Henry Banno that currently supports over 300 financial institutions with their next-gen online and mobile banking platform. These institutions now have a turn-key integration with Truv to enable a seamless direct deposit switching experience for their customers.

Enhancements to ICE Encompass Integration

With mortgage being one of Truv’s main industries, we’ve integrated with the largest LOS for mortgage lenders in ICE Encompass. As our the number of Truv customers who use Encompass grows, so does our need to enhance our integration.

In the month of March, we made the following enhancements to our ICE Encompass integration:

  • Uploading documents (paystubs, W2s, etc.) directly to the efolder
  • Allowing processors to verify income and employment for multiple employers in the same order
  • Allowing our customers to disable SMS delivery upon request

Truv Dashboard Updates

Home Page Improvements

Truv’s dashboard experience enables our customers to quickly get started and go live quickly. To this end, we’ve launched a new dashboard homepage experience. With this enhancement, we’re able to offer experiences for assigned access roles. For example, a loan officers who log into the platform will see information only pertinent to their work.

This update furthers our commitment to improving work efficiencies for all types of Truv customers.

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These improvements to our product help us serve you better. If there are any improvements or integrations you’d like to see in the future, please let us know!