Product Update – July 2022

We’re excited to announce enhancements to our product that were made in July 2022 to allow organizations to unlock consumer-permissioned data.

After the excitement from our Q1 Product Update, we’re bringing back our monthly product updates to keep you well informed with the improvements we’re making.

Let’s dive right in!

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Document Upload is Live

In Q1, we announced our document upload feature to enhance our income and employment verification product. We had several clients who enabled this feature and saw a significant uptick in conversion rate.

Clients can now enable document upload with no additional integration and is triggered as a fallback option when:

  • End user cannot connect to their payroll account
  • End user tries to exit the Truv widget in your workflow
  • End user asks for help on the login page

Enable Document Upload Now

New Providers in Direct Deposit Switch

Here at Truv, we are focused on achieving our partners objectives and goals. To this end, we’ve enabled Paycor, MyPay, and Paylocity as additional integrations for Direct Deposit Switch to help financial institutions drive primacy.

Check Out DDS Integrations

Native Resets

A seamless login experience for users is key to the promise of consumer-permissioned verification. With that in mind, we are making an effort to building native resets for all of our providers and added Paycom and Paychex native resets to our products. End users will now have an option to reset their credentials inside Truv’s widget when they forgot their credentials or are unable to login.

Check Out Native Resets

Login Speed Optimizations

We have an ongoing effort to provide a good user experience to our end users. In that spirit, we have made some login optimizations to help with faster logins.

  • Sped up login rates for Truv’s top 15 provider integrations
  • Optimized refresh rates keeping our VOIE clients in mind

Check Out Login Optimizations

Re-Verification in Encompass

Last week, we announced Truv’s integration to Encompass. Now all Encompass clients can leverage Truv’s solution to complete their income and employment verification needs. We have taken it a step further by adding re-verification to Truv’s offering on Encompass.

Truv’s Solution in Encompass

Parsing W2s for Oracle!

Last year, we added the ability to parse W2s and return the parsed fields in our response API’s. We have furthered this functionality by adding more providers and optimizing this parsing capability where we see responses lesser than our benchmark numbers.Learn More About W2 Parsing

 Truv’s Dashboard Updates

Truv dashboard v2.0!

Truv’s dashboard is critical for all clients that plan on integrating with Truv’s solution. In that spirit, we have redesigned and revamped Truv’s dashboard with new UI/UX elements and also added additional functionality based on all the feedback that we received from our clients.

Check out Truv Dashboard v2.0

Truv Docs Redesign

We recognize how tedious vendor integrations can be. In an effort to make this more seamless, we have revamped Truv docs to help guide you through the integration.  Now you can find best practices on how to embed Truv’s widget into your workflow, detailed data schema and responses, implementation guides all in one place.

Check Out Truv Docs

Redesigned Emulator in Truv Dashboard

We are focused on empowering clients with an easy way to use our widget while viewing our product offerings, customizations, and association events. To put this in the same place, we have revamped our Emulator experience in Truv dashboard.

New Emulator in Truv Dashboard

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