Truv Bridge Updates

We’ve created a new react native SDK workflow for applicants. The new version addresses some of the issues that we encountered with the previous version, such as opening up a new window/tab when the end user attempts to navigate back with the “back button” to the first screen. This creates a better customer experience and will help drive conversions.

Self Employed Access

For those clients with tax verification product enabled, we’ve streamlined the experience so that self employed individuals can find their verification source by adding a new category called “Self Employed” to the top of the Truv Bridge. This will decrease applicant confusion and create a cohesive customer experience.


We’ve added additional customization to edit Headers and sub-header within the Truv Bridge for some screens. This will allow fintechs, lenders and financial institutions to create a custom branded experience for their applicants. Just let your Truv Implementation or CS team know to customize these headers and sub-headers.

Encompass Updates

We strive to provide a streamlined experience for our clients. To that end, client feedback is very critical to us and we’ve made some enhancements in Encompass LO Connect and SmartClient based on the feedback

Order Notifications

For Encompass clients, we have removed the “Check order status button” in Order notifications, that redirected Loan Officers and Processors to the Truv dashboard. This provides for a more cohesive UI/UX and allows for LO’s to be notified without leaving the Encompass platform.

Encompass Create Order Updates

We have updated the Truv flows to allow for the below enhancements

  • default product type has been set to income and employment for order creation
  • We allow Loan Officers to see applicant email and phone number provided the borrower has opted to receive SMS updates
  • On order creation, we’ve hid some of the columns “Status” and “Ordered date” to help streamline workflows

Renamed Statements in eFolder

The number of documents in eFolder tends to be a lot and without appropriate naming it tends to get hard to differentiate retrieved PDF reports to paystubs to W2’s. We’ve streamlined this experience by adding a naming convention to all documents returned from a verification check. This will help LO’s and processors quickly identify and organize the documents received from applicants.

Order Workflow Update

Order Creation Update

As part of your waterfall when an order is being created, we had an issue where we would block the order creation if the applicant has valid email and invalid sms. We’ve removed the validation to have both an email and phone number for an applicant. Now you may create orders seamlessly as long as there is one valid channel for the applicants/borrowers to be notified.

Order Timeline Update

Since Truv has multiple data sources that you can receive information from we’ve added “data source” and “data providers” across Truv’s products. As part of this effort, we’ve added the same to the Order timeline. This will allow Order managers now to get the granular view of how the verification was completed, i.e when a payroll provider was connected or a document was uploaded.

Truv Dashboard Updates

Insurance Coverage

In the coverage section of the Truv dashboard we’ve added a new tab for coverage metrics for our home and auto insurance products. This view will allow clients to easily verify the top insurance provider that they need to verify insurance for their borrowers.

Insurance Sandbox Updates

We recognize the need to test various flows and scenarios before going live. To that end, we’ve added 10+ new test case credentials for our insurance products into the Truv sandbox. This will allow users to test all flows for Truv’s insurance functionality.

Link ID

We’ve added link Id to the tasks tab of the Truv dashboard. This will provide users with a higher level view of the tasks they are working on and will help them with their workflows.

UI Updates

In order to make the Truv dashboard more user friendly we’ve added the capability to upload rectangular customization logos along with the original square logos. We’ve also made action buttons more prominent at the top of the page.