Truv Platform Updates

Jack Henry Banno Platform Keys

Embark on a new journey with Truv as we introduce an innovate experience for your customers. Now, managing external platform configurations is as seamless as ever. Your customers can easily copy and paste credentials, enter your Banno system URL, and generate keys for the Banno Administration Panel.

Discover this transformative change by logging into Banno today.

Truv Bridge Updates

Truv App Clip

Truv’s innovative snippet of an app allows users to access verification and direct deposit switch without sharing sensitive login credentials. With a quick scan of a QR code, users can seamlessly log in to their provider’s sign-in screen from their own devices, eliminating friction and enhancing security. For lenders, this means increased customer retention and smoother verification processes, leading to improved efficiency. Truv’s commitment to innovation continues as they work on expanding this feature to Android users, setting new industry standards and empowering consumers with hassle-free open finance solutions.

Login Improvements

Instant income and employment verification and instant switch for direct deposits may not be an option for certain companies. This is due to their intranet being exclusively accessible through their VPN. We’ve made this information transparent to our users. And now, we offer other options for users to verify their income and employment, such as uploading documents like paystubs. For direct deposit switching, we provide step-by-step instructions for logging in from a company-approved device.

Fallback of Multiple Data Sources

Truv is committed to ensuring a seamless process for income and employment verification. In addition to instant verification, we offer alternative methods if applicants aren’t able to verify with their employer or payroll provider. These fallback methods include connecting a financial institution, tax prep software account or uploading paystubs too.

Doc Upload Mismatch

In the event that a user opts to upload a document and it’s the incorrect document type, we promptly notify them to ensure a seamless experience in correcting the upload. For instance, if a user selects “Paystubs” as the document type and inadvertently uploads their W-2, we provide immediate feedback to inform them of the document type mismatch.

Truv Dashboard Updates

Order Form Updates

We’re enhancing the clarity and efficiency of our order form with some thoughtful updates. Introducing new labels, including a “Requested” label positioned directly beneath the requesting company’s name in the responses. This improves readability for loan officers especially in scenarios involving multiple employers requesting data for a single connected account or requests that lead to multiple jobs being returned with the user authenticating once to the provider. Additionally, we’ve refined the timeline within the order form to accommodate multiple job entries.

Template Selection

Tailoring your Truv orders is now a breeze. We can create and customize templates based on your needs regardless if these are branches, wholesale lenders, or individual loan officers. When creating an order, selecting from a vast array of hundreds of templates has never been more accessible.

Templates Branch for Order Managers

Empowering Order Managers to enhance their workflow, our new feature allows for the efficient separation of orders across various branches or teams. The addition of the “User Template Access” section enables Order Managers to assign templates easily and access a customized list of orders specific to each template.

Popular Employers Customization

Taking customization to the next level, we’re pleased to introduce the ability to personalize your template search screen. Add your preferred top companies, which will now display in the Popular tab instead of our default list.

Session Expired Timeout Modal

In our quest for user-friendly interactions, we’ve replaced the automatic logout after five minutes of inactivity with an informative modal. Now, a clear notification informs them of their session timeout, which prompts them to log in again. This update reduces confusion and improves transparency in your Truv dashboard experience.

Support Tickets

Our commitment to elevating your experience extends to our support ticket system. Users are able to report missing data and incorrect information now. We’ve streamlined the process with a user-friendly dropdown menu that allows users to select the product, providing specific reporting options. In addition, there’s a new section where users can view available resources.

Your Feedback Matters

These enhancements to our product are just the beginning of our commitment to you. We value your input and would love to hear about any additional improvements or integrations you envision for the future. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us.