Check out exciting product updates from Truv in August 2022, where we focused on enabling more product functionality and continuously enabling organizations to unlock the power of consumer-permissioned data.

Let’s dive right in!

Truv Bridge Updates

New Provider Flows

In an effort to provide end users with a consistent experience to login to payroll providers such as ADP, we ran an A/B test to mimic the provider experience inside Truv bridge for one of our key providers.

With this iteration with a single payroll provider, our A/B test indicated an uplift of 1.4 ppt in conversion rate. As a result, we have updated our login flows and enabled new reset flows for this key payroll provider. Explore in Truv Emulator

Direct Deposit Switch Improved!

One of Truv’s company values is continuous improvement. To this end, we’ve updated integrations for our Direct Deposit Switch product with iSolved, Justworks, MyEPP, USPS and Amazon AtoZ. Now our depository institution partners can leverage these updated integrations to drive more deposit growth.

Data Quality Optimizations

Data quality is critical to ensuring our partners can underwrite with confidence. In an effort to provide better data to our partners, we have made improvements to our fill rates across many integrations including Workday, UKG, Paycom, Bamboo HR, Marriott, Uber,  Randstad and Team Software.

Truv’s Dashboard Updates

Truv’s Coverage at Your Fingertips

One of the most asked question from current partners is Truv’s coverage. Keeping that in mind, we will be introducing a Coverage page in our dashboard so you are kept updated on all the new segments and integrations that we add to our platform.

Introducing Workflows

As we partner with more clients, we see that there are best practices that typically lead to increasing Truv’s conversion rate. In an effort to make this accessible, we have added Workflows into Truv’s dashboard. Now you can find best practices on how to effectively embed Truv’s widget into your workflow for optimized conversion. Check out Workflows

Multiple Webhooks Enabled

We recognize how critical it is to our partners to get notified on various events, especially when you rely on a 3rd party vendor, such as Truv. In order to help streamline this, we added the ability to create multiple webhook requests in our dashboard.

Now not only do you get more visibility on the internal interactions in Truv’s ecosystem, but you have the ability to pick and choose when to get notified and take appropriate actions on your end. Explore Webhooks

Keeping You Informed with Changelog

You asked, and we delivered! We’ve added Changelog to Truv Docs so we can keep you informed on all the changes that we push to production no matter how big or small. Check out Changelog

More Notifications, Yes Please!

In an effort to keep you more informed, we have added more notifications as your team navigates through the dashboard. Truv Dashboard owners will now get notified on

  • New user signups so they can approve/reject team members
  • New keys are issued or rotated