Everything you wanted to know about consumer underwriting

nyca partner and fintech industry veteran Jeremy Solomon has had a decades long career in credit underwriting. Kirill sat down with Jeremy to discuss the lifecycle of a loan, why FICO scores are an ineffective measure of credit worthiness for the next generation of Americans, and why new sources of individual data like payroll are essential for every consumer credit underwriter.

Kirill Klokov

“I love seeing Innovation” with Jason Morris

Industry veteran, Jason Morris, has had a storied 20+ year career in the background screening industry. Kirill sat down with Jason to discuss his advice for CRA leaders and those wanting to start their own CRAs, the trends he’s seeing in parts of the industry that hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years, and why he’s so excited about the innovation he’s seeing.

Kirill Klokov

Welcome to Seeking the Truv

Seeking the Truv explores the many highs, lows, and lessons learned by business leaders in their journeys to making confident decisions. Hosted by Truv’s CEO and Co-Founder, Kirill Klokov, guests include people that have built and led companies, created new categories, and disrupted industries by using data to seek the truth.


Kirill Klokov

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