Truv for Mortgage Lenders

Truv enables mortgage lenders to make better lending decisions with accurate and real-time access to consumer-permissioned income and employment data.

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Verify Income and Employment


Industry Challenge

Mortgage lenders need access to accurate and real-time data to make more informed lending decisions, however, collecting the necessary data to access credit risk is time consuming. At the same time, borrowers demand a seamless origination and approval process that doesn’t involve the tedious process of uploading documents.


Truv Solution

By enabling your applicants’ to connect directly to their payroll account, Truv provides you verified identity, income, and employment data points that you need within 60 seconds. Moreover, Truv enables you to approve more applicants by enabling them to pay their loan directly from their paycheck thus enabling you to lend to more applicants.

How Truv Works

User selects their income source through either their employer or payroll provider

User signs in to enable access to their payroll account to another organization

The connection is successfully established and the data is available via API and the Truv dashboard

How the Top Mortgage Lenders are Using Truv Today

Access Employment History Data

View job title, company name, start date, and end date for multiple jobs stored within a single payroll provider.

Verify Applicant Identity

Confirm that the applicant’s full name, SSN, email, date of birth, and home address match what was provided.

Verify Applicant Income

To supplement a traditional credit score, verify an applicant’s income to assist with alternative credit scoring decisions.

Verify Applicant Current Employment

Confirm that the applicant’s current employment is active.

Paycheck-Linked Loans

Incentivize applicants to pay their monthly loan balance directly from their paycheck, thus significantly reducing your amount of assumed risk.

Extend Your Consumer Base

About 20% of U.S. adults are credit invisible and can’t be evaluated using traditional credit reporting. Truv provides you with verified data to be able to do so.

Verify Account & Routing Number

Verify an applicant’s account and routing number to facilitate automatic payments directly from their bank account.

Document Upload

Truv also enables you to verify income and employment by uploading paystubs and W2 documents through our AI and machine learning algorithms.

Best-in Class Coverage

We successfully connect to payroll accounts and employers covering over 85% of working Americans.


coverage of Fortune 1000 companies


supported payroll providers


direct employer integrations with 2.3M employers

Truv is Enterprise-Ready and FCRA Compliant

Automate Income & Employment Verification with Truv

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