Faster, Affordable,
and More Efficient Verifications.

Verify income and employment history in seconds while reducing costs by up to 80% for background and tenant screeners. Truv enables you with access to accurate and real time data to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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You’ll be in good company

A more efficient verification
platform for screeners.

A more efficient verification platform for screeners.


  • Skyrocketing Verification Costs.

    Instant databases such as The Work Number continue to increase prices by 20% every six months.
  • Manual Processes.

    Verifications completed manually by uploading documents and making phone calls take too long to complete.
  • Lack of Data Insights.

    Minimal data insights are provided when bank aggregation is used as the primary verification source.

Negative Outcomes.

  • Decreased Profitability.

    Increased verification costs hit your bottom line and are passed on to your customers, decreasing customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Turnaround Times.

    Slow, manual verifications force your customers and their applicants to have to wait to start their job or move into their new rental.
  • Rejected Applicants.

    Lack of availability of data causes you to turn away applicants and missing out on a potential revenue opportunity.

Truv’s Value for

Truv’s Value for Screeners.

Significant Cost Savings.

90% Savings Relative to The Work Number.

Increase Margins: Truv’s customers improve their margins with Truv by up to 90%.

One platform for background and tenant screening use cases to provide economies of scale.

Increase Efficiency.

Replace Manual Processes with Instant Verifications.

Expansive Coverage: Access to payroll, financial accounts, tax returns, and document processing data sources to complete verifications.

Reduce Turnaround Time: Replace manual processes to decrease turnaround times by an average of 20 hours.

Acquire More Customers.

Provide verification options that meet your customers’ needs.

Provide options for your customers to save money relative to The Work Number through using Truv.

Demonstrate greater data insights with Truv to approve more applicants faster.

How Truv Solves the
Problem for Screeners.

How Truv Solves the Problem for Screeners.

Employment History Verification.

Reduce Costs: Save up to 90% of your verification costs with Truv compared to The Work Number.

Increase Efficiency: Decrease turnaround times for employers by an average of 20 hoursso they can speed up hire times and increase productivity.

Acquire More Customers: Provide employers the flexibility of different verification methods, so they don’t consider switching to competitors.

Income and Employment Verification.

Reduce Risk: Gather over 200 unique data points to better assess ability and willingness to repay.

Increase Efficiency: Have all of the necessary data to instantly make a loan approval decision, decreasing time to close.

Approve More Candidates: Find low credit applicants with high willingness and ability to repay.

Increase Margins: Save up to 90% per verification with Truv compared to The Work Number.

Insurance Verification.

Reduce Risk: Receive real-time insurance data that is updated every time there is a change.

Reduce Dropout: Eliminate friction from insurance verification to stop applicants from dropping out of the flow.

Work Efficiently: Decrease time to close by removing a high-friction experience before funding is able to occur.

Why Partner with Truv.

Change the way you access
data to make more informed
decisions through a streamlined
verification process.

Change the way you access data to make more informed decisions through a streamlined verification process.

Unmatched Coverage


Expanding to 100% coverage through four data sources.

Market-Leading Data Quality


Fill Rates and Data Accuracy.

Comprehensive API Platform


Data Points Available through One Platform.

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