Drive Direct Deposit Growth and Customer Satisfaction.

With deposits shrinking throughout the industry, enable the lowest friction channel for your customers to switch their direct deposit distribution in seconds. Acquire more customers and accelerate deposit growth.

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You’ll be in good company

Challenges in driving
deposit growth today.

Challenges in driving deposit growth today.


  • Shrinking Deposits.

    In 2023, depository institutions are seeing a shrink in deposits as the Federal Reserve reduces the money supply to combat inflation.
  • Lack of Customer Loyalty.

    32% of consumers in 2023 indicated that they are very likely to switch their checking relationship in the next year.
  • High Friction Manual Processes

    Switching direct deposit is typically done through a high friction manual form.

Negative Outcomes.

  • Decreased Profitability.

    Less deposits lead to reductions in profitability for financial institutions, as you’re restricted on your lending opportunities based on your deposits.
  • Increased Customer Churn.

    With lack of stickiness of direct deposit, more customers will leave your institution to a competitor.
  • Negative Customer Experiences.

    Manual processes are high in friction, and they lead to increased customer churn through the process resulting in less deposits and loans.

Truv’s Value for
Depository Institutions.

Truv’s Value for Depository Institutions.

Deposit Growth.

Up to 65% Direct Deposit Growth.

Streamline the direct deposit switching experience to less than 45-seconds.

Receive insights into previous and existing direct deposit distribution for your customer base.

Increased Customer Loyalty.

Retain your customers with a lifelong relationship.

The average U.S. consumer keeps their primary financial institution relationship for 16 years.

Provide a best-in-class digital experience that requires little effort and no intervention from your staff.

Marketing Segmentation.

Understand Your Customers to Improve Marketing.

Understand which customers have all, a portion, and none of their direct deposit going to your institution.

Understand where your customers’ previous direct deposit was distributed to allow you to derive insights from where you’re stealing market share from.

Increase Efficiency.

Provide a Best-In-Class Experience to Reduce Friction.

Reduce manual form switching volume that drive greater call center volume for your staff.

Empower in person branch staff to automate direct deposit switching through Truv.

Truv’s Platform Overview for
Leading Financial Institutions.

Truv’s Platform Overview for Leading Financial Institutions.

Why Partner with Truv.

Change the way your
customers switch direct deposit
distribution to drive growth.

Change the way your customers switch direct deposit distribution to drive growth.

Unmatched Coverage


of the U.S. workforce through 12,800 unique integrations.

Comprehensive API Platform


Data Points Available through One Platform.

Strongest Authentication Experience


of integrations are API-based rather than screen scraping.

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