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At Truv, we’re passionate about providing mortgage lenders on Truv with access to more beyond what instant income and employment databases provide. With Truv, mortgage lenders access income and employment verification with more coverage and more accurate data at a fraction of the cost.

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Verify Income & Employment

Industry Challenge

Mortgage lenders need access to income and employment verification to approve loans, however, this industry has been primarily controlled by a monopoly that continues to increase prices. Additionally, alternative manual verification methods lead to higher customer acquisition costs and longer time to close.

Truv Solution

By enabling your applicants’ to connect directly to their payroll account, Truv provides you verified identity, income, and employment data points that you need within 45 seconds. This method is saves you significant money relative to instant databases and significantly reduces time to close relative to manual verification methods.

How Truv Connects to Payroll Accounts

Benefits of Truv over Instant Databases

Significant Cost Savings

Consistent and transparent pricing for all required verifications to empower you to provide lower fees and rates to your applicants.

Unmatched Coverage

Truv has 90% coverage of the U.S. workforce, relative to approximately 35% from the leading instant database.

Real Time Data

More accurate and comprehensive data that comes directly from the source to lower default rates and risk for you.

API Platform

An all in one platform for income and employment verification, home insurance verification, asset verification, and more.


Michael Crockett

Chief Data Officer, Cactus

“Our relationship with Truv has further enriched our verification solution through its direct connections to payroll providers via APIs which create greater efficiencies and reduce risk of fraud.”

More than Just ‘The Number’ with Truv

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