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Create a seamless experience to drive direct deposit growth and penetration, increase primary financial institution metrics, and cultivate more engaged customers.

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Key Metrics that Direct Deposit Switch Influences

Increase direct deposits by up to 65%.

Increase User Engagement & NPS.

Mitigate fraud by verifying identity.

Enabling Direct Deposit Switching



Financial institutions, crypto exchanges, and other depository institutions focus on deposit growth; however, switching a direct deposit account is typically a long and painful process.



Truv enables your customers to instantly connect to their payroll provider and change their deposit distribution to increase your direct deposits by up to 65%.

Driving Business Outcomes with Truv

Traditional Approach

  • High Friction Customers must go through a painful process of locating account information and sending this information to their HR team or payroll provider.
  • Slow The average organization takes two pay periods to switch someone’s direct deposit account, which creates frustration with overdraft fees and lack of transparency.
  • Lack of Control Your customers initiate the direct deposit switching process with their HR team or payroll provider, which results in human errors or delays.
  • Opaque You have no level of additional insight into your customers’ income and employment data to provide a more personalized experience.


  • Frictionless Embed a white-labeled Truv experience into your online and mobile experience to enable your customers to switch their direct deposit in less than one minute and a few clicks.
  • Instant Enable your customers to immediately switch either their entire or a percentage of their direct deposit amount that goes into effect immediately.
  • Reduce Fraud Verify that the identity of the payroll account matches the identity of your account holder to reduce your risk of accepting unauthorized funds.
  • Personalization Review income and employment data on customers who switch their direct deposit accounts to drive future decisions and personalized offers.

Best-in Class Coverage

We successfully connect to payroll accounts and employers covering over 85% of working Americans.


coverage of Fortune 1000 companies


supported payroll providers


direct employer integrations with 2.3M employers

Truv is Enterprise-Ready and FCRA Compliant

Drive Direct Deposit Growth by 65%

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