Alternative Credit
Data by Truv

Truv enables lenders to make better lending decisions with accurate and real-time access to consumer-permissioned income and employment data that supplements a traditional credit score.

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Collecting, recording, and verifying income and employment data can drain precious time and resources while still not giving you all of the data points that you need to assess credit worthiness of your customers.


By enabling your users to connect directly to their payroll account, Truv provides you verified identity, income, and employment data points that you need within 60 seconds. This data is delivered in real-time to minimize fraud risk and drive cost savings compared to manual labor.

How Truv Works

User selects their income source through either their employer or payroll provider

User signs in to enable access to their payroll account to another organization

The connection is successfully established and the data is available via API and the Truv dashboard

Data Fields That Can Be Used as Alternative Credit Data Points

Verify Applicant Identity

Confirm that the applicant’s full name, SSN, email, date of birth, and home address match what was provided.

Employment History Data

Look at prior employment of the applicant to determine how stable their previous employment has been.

Types of Income

Easily differentiate between base compensation and other more inconsistent sources of income such as bonus, commissions, and overtime.

Current Employer

Access the employer’s name to determine if the applicant works for a small vs. large organization and in what industry.

Verify Account & Routing Number

Verify an applicant’s account and routing number to facilitate automatic payments directly from their bank account.

Length of Current Employment

Understand the applicant’s start date for their current role and their start date at the organization to evaluate how likely they are to be at the organization moving forward.

Job Title & Other Employment Information

Verify that the applicant’s employment is still active and receive their job title to evaluate seniority within the organization and what functional area they work in.

Best-in Class Coverage

We successfully connect to payroll accounts and employers covering over 85% of working Americans.


coverage of Fortune 1000 companies


supported payroll providers


direct employer integrations with 2.3M employers

Truv is Enterprise-Ready and FCRA Compliant

What Our Clients Say About Truv


Charlie Cafazza


“We’re seeing a renewed focus on the sovereignty of personal data that’s only going to increase as consumers understand more about how their data is used, sold, or protected. Truv will become ubiquitous for verifications”

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Bryan Zimbardi

Research Manager

“We’ve completely moved away from my previous vendor for verifications. Truv has helped us improve turnarounds and coverage for our clients, while being a trusted partner. Whenever we’ve had suggestions or needed help, Truv is there for us.”

Case study

OpenRoad Lending

Jeff Austin


“Truv has helped us speed up and automate employment and income verification, which also speeds up the loan process, saving both OpenRoad Lending and our customers time and money.”

Case study


Bryan Zimbardi

Research Manager

“Truv’s applicant experience was the cleanest among the vendors we evaluated. The screening process needs to be frictionless for the applicant, and Truv’s applicant interface made it the obvious choice.”

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