Introducing Lightning-Fast Data Integration

At Truv, we’ve always been dedicated to simplifying data access and integration. With our latest innovation, we’re taking another significant leap toward achieving that goal, and now, we’re doing it at incredible speed. But first, let’s look at what exactly Truv’s Webhooks Orchestrator is and how it improves data integration.

What is Truv’s Webhooks Orchestrator?

It’s a cutting-edge service tailored for seamless data transfer via webhooks. Webhooks are like instant notifications that allow different systems to communicate. With Truv’s Webhooks Orchestrator, we provide our clients with a robust service for swiftly and reliably receiving these real-time updates.

Breaking Down Data Integration

Data integration is essential for our services, especially for lenders who need rapid access to critical consumer information. However, as data volumes and complexity grow, we realize the need for a scalable solution. Our previous data integration method had its limitations and we relied on a background task scheduler, which had resource constraints. To overcome all of these challenges, we introduced Truv’s Webhooks Orchestrator.

How Truv’s Webhooks Orchestrator Stands Out

It’s a vital service for efficient data handling. Here’s why it’s crucial:

Scalability: Truv’s Webhooks Orchestrator is designed to adapt to your needs seamlessly. Think of it as a service that can grow or shrink depending on your workload. This means it can handle high data volumes during peak times without breaking a sweat. During peak usage, it manages up to 23,000 tasks per minute.

No Data Loss: Sometimes, technical hiccups occur, like unexpected computer restarts. This new service ensures no data is lost during these disruptions. It patiently waits until all tasks are completed before proceeding, safeguarding your data.

Persistent Reliability: When Truv’s Webhooks Orchestrator tries to deliver something, it doesn’t give up if it fails the first time. Instead, it makes multiple attempts with short breaks in between. This approach increases the chances of successful data delivery.


At Truv, our commitment to innovation drives us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower your business. Truv’s Webhooks Orchestrator is set to transform the way you integrate data with Truv to ensure that you stay ahead in the dynamic world of open finance.

As we gather more data, refine our services, and enhance our offerings, the future becomes even more promising for Truv and our valued clients. Stay tuned for further updates and features that are sure to elevate your Truv experience. Your success is our mission, and with Truv’s Webhooks Orchestrator, we’re one step closer to achieving it.